About TEQT
(Third EyeQ Technologies Pvt Ltd.)

Teqts India is celebrating 15 years today as we started way back in 2002. After the launch of the company in the year 2002, currently we have completed more than 10,000 projects and have a base of over 400+ satisfied clients. At present our turnover is more than 4 million.


What we offer?
  • End - End Publishing
  • Our end to end publishing services are best in class and most of our clients are satisfied by the quality we offer them.

  • Data entry
  • Data entry services are needed by many companies, such as small, medium and large scale for development of business. We offer affordable solutions for data entry services.

  • Content writing
  • At Teqts, we have experienced content writers and editors for writing content for your website or regular posting.

  • Content development
  • With content specialists on board, we develop the right content for your online marketing strategy.

  • Editing
  • We have experienced editors for proof reading any kind of content.

  • Typesetting
  • We have experienced associates who will look after your requirement of Typesetting, wherein the text is composed.

  • POD
  • POD i.e. Print On Demand service is also available with us, where we print any book only after receiving an order for the same.

  • XML Conversion
  • In case of XML conversion, we convert the content of any document in XML.

  • HTML Conversion
  • If you wish to convert your word file to HTML, our team of specialists can help regarding the same.

  • eBook Conversion
  • We help convert your simple text files in the form of ebook and that too at reasonable budget.

  • Pdf to excel
  • If you want to convert pdf to excel, then we can help you regarding the same. At Teqts, our motto is to offer 100% customer satisfaction. We ensure to provide and deliver the best results possible and achieve a long term relationship with our clients.


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