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What is POD?

POD stands for Print On Demand, it is a term related to a publishing system that includes two things- printing on demand and distribution of the printed material in both ways physical and electronic. It is a digital printing technology that aims at printing the publication and distribution. The internet takes the main role in the world of POD; it provides order processing and transmission of the content via several printing companies and distributors.TEQT INDIA is the best company for POD.

High-tech machines are used when we talk about POD, these machines have the ability to produces the pages quickly without compromising the graphical quality. These machines also include an automatic binding feature that helps in finding a book and then attaching a cover.

Benefits of using POD

There are several advantages using POD over any traditional method of publishing some of them are here:

POD publishes for anyone

In a traditional publishing, the publisher goes to the author who wants to publish his book. This doesn't end always well because publishers often don't take risks of publication for a new author. They ignore publishing new authors because of the screening process that includes reading the content, analyze it, check for quality and then make changes because it can take months or years. POD eliminates this ignoring thing and it publishes any author without thinking about experience or anything as long as you follow the editorial requirements.

Low cost

When we publish any book using POD, there is only one-time fee required to set up for the title and the catalog fee. This is an on-demand printing, so any printing cost can be paid while processing the order.

Author compensation

Unlike any traditional system where the publisher pays the author compensation between 0 and 9% of the price, the POD provides a higher compensation to the author than the publisher's profit.

High-quality print

POD ensures a high-quality print for the publications. It ensures a quality paper, print, and binding unlike most traditional printing. TEQT INDIA also features the POD mechanism to get your great advantages in your publication. Our package of POD promises you a time saving and cost saving publication.