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TEQT INDIA understands well and takes the responsibility to protect your privacy. Our present privacy practices are set forth by this Privacy Statement that is relevant to the information, which is collected by us when our website is interacted by your computer or yourself. By accessing TEQT INDIA, you understand and acknowledge our Privacy Statement and give free consent to collected information and make use of practices, which is described in the Privacy Statement here.


The relevant offering and services along with links to this site, including that of vendor sites are known to have own privacy statements, which could be viewed simply by having corresponding links to be clicked within every respective site. When participating in the services of TEQT INDIA, online merchants, as well as others, are encouraged towards participating in privacy initiatives and have the responsibility towards consumer privacy. As the practices or policies of participating merchants are not controlled directly by us, including that of third parties, we do not take any responsibility for contents or privacy practices of such sites. You are recommended to have the merchant’s and third party privacy policies to be reviewed before completing transactions or providing personal information to them.


Information is gathered about users by TEQT INDIA in three different ways, viz., through Cookies, the user, and Web Server Logs.

  1. Personal Information Users

On registering, some personal information would be requested upon like address, name, facsimile or telephone number, account number, email and relevant information. For providing appropriate information and assistance, you might be required to disclose your personal information. For example, data could be warranted for providing troubleshooting and online technical support.

Personally identifiable information collected from you would not be disclosed in any manner to any third party involved, without prior permission from you, except for the following:

  • Meeting your service requests to provide services
  • Safeguarding ourselves from liability
  • Complying with the law or responding to the legal process or with regards to liquidation, acquisition or merger of the organization.
  1. Cookie usage

Cookies may be used by TEQT INDIA for personalizing or enhancing your overall user experience. The cookie, placed by the web page server on the hard disk of your computer is a tiny text file. Programs cannot be run or viruses delivered to your computer by using them. They are assigned uniquely to you and could be read by the Web Server present in the domain, which has issued it to you.

With cookies, you can save time. For instance, a web page can be personalized or site navigated, the site using the cookie is able to recall specific information from the subsequent visits. The procedure to deliver relevant content, as well as ease of navigation, is simplified while saving login information and preferences and to provide personalized functionality.

For sharing the accumulated site statistics with that of partner companies, TEQT INDIA does reserve the right, however, the other companies are not allowed to have their cookies place on our site, unless there exists overriding, temporary, customer value (like merging into TEQT INDIA, a site relying upon 3rd party cookies).

Cookies can be accepted or declined by you. Many web browsers may accept cookies automatically, but your browser can be modified to decline cookies. But if you have your browser settings to be changed for rejecting cookies, then few of the website’s functionality could be disabled.

  1.  Web Server Logs

On visiting our information, we might track relevant information for administering the site and to analyze usage.

Examples of tractable information are:

  • Your IP address
  • The type of computer or browser you use
  •  Total links clicked within the site
  • Country or state you have accessed the site from
  • Time and date of visit
  • Your ISP provider name
  • Pages you had viewed
  • Web page you had linked our site from

No personal information is shared by TEQT INDIA with anyone. Besides this, any files, images, books, manuscripts, etc. uploaded to TEQT INDIA, when present for viewing would remain the company’s property or of its uploader. No intellectual property would become TEQT INDIA’s property.

Connections made through TEQT INDIA and details present within the legal contracts, generated through the connection on TEQT INDIA, would remain the concern of involved parties. Contract advice is not offered by TEQT INDIA or messages passed through TEQT INDIA considered being binding legal contracts, unless every party involved gets legal council reviewed. TEQT INDIA considered contracts are to be completed and signed in person.

The company or person uploading the materials on TEQT INDIA for viewing by general community of TEQT INDIA is the owner of the material. But we recommend you to avoid sharing information, which you may find tough to be your own and may risk having copyright to be lost, while we strive continuously to avoid others from taking over your property. The user determines as to what profile information is to go to live for viewing on the site. The settings can be adjusted by the users from the ‘member home page’. Settings will not be altered on your behalf by TEQT INDIA.


Web pages of TEQT INDIA might comprise of electronic images called Web Beacons, at times known as single-pixel gifts, which allow TEQT INDIA to have users counted, who have visited the pages, for delivering co-branded services. Web beacons may be included by TEQT INDIA in newsletters or promotional email messages for determining if messages are opened, to be acted upon.

The 3rd party service providers might place some beacons for determining our email communication and advertising campaign effectiveness and to place a persistent cookie on the computer. It allows service provider in recognizing your computer every time, you make visits to specific emails or pages, to compile anonymous and relevant information, allowing us and service providers to know as to which emails and advertisements have lured you to our site and how it is used. Web beacons are prohibited by TEQT INDIA from gathering, using or accessing your personal information.


The means for ensuring that personally identifiable information on your web account document is current and accurate, we offer you with relevant means. By contacting us, this information can be reviewed, simply by sending mail to – info@TEQT


The privacy statement can be updated by TEQT INDIA at its own discretion occasionally. The ‘updated’ dated present on top of the Privacy page also would be revised. The privacy statement is to be reviewed periodically for staying well informed as to how we safeguard your personal information. Your using of our services would mean, you agree to the updates and this privacy statement.

  1. Contact

In case, of questions pertaining to Privacy Statement or its implementation, not being able to adhere to the general practices or privacy statement, contact at

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