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E-learning basically means that participant take part in virtual learning courses. This however goes well beyond simply using of computer for study. E-learning also means e collaboration and makes group work possible via web conferences and within the discussion forums.

We provide e-learning solutions for our customers worldwide, who range from government, international enterprises and education customers with mid-sized and small businesses.

The required course material is made available to participants in additional format. This means that the content has been adapted to the special requirement of e learning course, allowing the participants to exchange ideas about it within the course. Throughout the course participants are accompanied by experts who are available to provide support for example through e-coaching.

Another special feature of our e-learning programs, by using mobile learning participants can take part in the courses vast on the move. Each participant can adapt the course basis of their individual learning behavior, allowing the participant to determine the learning pace, key topics for themselves. Different learning material and methods are also used. In addition to more working materials, such as text, some graphics, videos, audio files and social networking are integral parts of e-learning environment. This helps to promote motivation for learning. Giving participants time to consciously reflect on their own learning behavior.

Our courses, books and videos have been crafted by experienced experts to ensure that they build talent and create a more knowledgeable, prolific and valuable workforce.

Thus, participant not only acquire knowledge via e-learning, they also improve on their methodological, communication and cooperation skills. Handling information with confidence and communication media is also promoted. Well, this is not all about our e-learning solutions. Since the majority of learning takes place without fixed class time and independent of participant’s location, travelling is not required. Saving on time and cost was also helping to protect the environment.

Teqt pride ourselves on having the best learning designers. Our strong belief in the quality of the learning designers provides base to the effectiveness of e-learning solutions. However, even the best learning designer isn’t enough by on their own; what is critical to an effective solution is a partnership approach.

Our tailored e-learning solutions ranging from comprehensive enterprise wide training solutions to one-off e-learning interventions support your managerial training aspirations.

Our multi-disciplinary proficiency and several years’ experience across domains help us design, e-learning solutions that are unique to the client’s business requirement and specifically tailored to boost knowledge retention and application. Our broad ranges of e-learning solutions cumulatively address all learning challenges that an organization might face.

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