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Apple has ended a music service that operated through Siri. What will happen next?

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After a duration of two years, Apple has taken the decision to discontinue its Siri-only voice plan designed for Apple Music users. Launched in 2021, the company had introduced this specialized service to allow users to access Apple Music solely through Siri’s voice commands. However, despite initial enthusiasm, the $5 subscription model failed to resonate with a significant number of users, resulting in its discontinuation.

Recent observations reveal that the Apple Music Voice plan is no longer available on the subscription page, indicating its termination. To inform subscribers about this change, Apple has set up a support page detailing the necessary actions subscribers must take in order to continue using Apple Music post-November, when the service ends.

Existing subscribers who have availed of the voice plan can continue to use it until their subscription term expires. However, upon conclusion of their subscription, they will need to transition to the regular Apple Music plans, incurring their associated charges.

Apple’s decision to discontinue the voice plan signals a shift in focus towards enhancing other features within Apple Music, such as spatial audio, karaoke, and music discovery. The company aims to integrate Siri into all Apple Music plans, assuring users of an improved and more holistic music experience going forward.

While the voice plan was intended to leverage Siri’s capabilities in enabling seamless music access via voice commands, it fell short by omitting several sought-after features, including high-quality audio and offline listening. This limitation, coupled with the $5 monthly charge, might have contributed to its inability to gain traction, especially in markets like the US where it was available, while remaining unavailable to potential users in countries like India.

Nevertheless, Apple remains unperturbed by the closure of the voice plan, as the substantial revenue generated from iPhone sales continues to bolster the company’s financial standing. Notably, India’s market, where demand for older iPhone models remains strong, plays a significant role in contributing to Apple’s overall growth and success.

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