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Apple Users Could Get $30 Payout in Family Sharing Lawsuit Settlement!

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Apple customers may soon cash in on a class action settlement, potentially scoring up to $30. The Silicon Valley tech giant agreed to a $25 million resolution for the 2019 lawsuit, Walter Peters v. Apple Inc., centered on the Family Sharing feature.

The lawsuit claimed Apple falsely advertised that subscriptions for apps could be shared through Family Sharing. However, it alleged Apple was aware that most subscription-based apps did not support this feature. Family Sharing allows sharing subscriptions with up to five people, and the lawsuit argued that Apple misled customers into purchasing subscriptions they believed could be shared.

Despite settling, Apple denies any wrongdoing or misleading representations, as per the settlement agreement.

How to Claim Your Payout:
If you were part of Family Sharing between June 21st, 2015, and January 30th, 2019, with one other person, and purchased a third-party app, you may be eligible. Eligible customers will receive settlement details via email, and those who don’t can register on the settlement website.

Act Now for Your $30:
Participate in the settlement by registering before the March 1, 2024 deadline. The amount you receive depends on the number of participants. Don’t miss out on your potential payout – secure your claim today!

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