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BJP Takes Control: Redirects Congress’ ‘Donate for Desh’ Domain to Its Own Page

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In a political maneuver, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has seized control of the domain associated with the Congress party’s ‘Donate for Desh’ campaign. The Congress initiative encourages supporters to contribute funds, but the party overlooked securing the corresponding domain names. Consequently, BJP swiftly acquired the rights to DonateforDesh.org, redirecting visitors to its own donation page. OpIndia, another platform, also capitalized on the oversight by obtaining related domains, steering traffic to its donation pages.

Meanwhile, Congress has established a separate domain, https://donateinc.net/, for receiving contributions. The party’s official channels have shared information on online donation procedures.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, at the launch of the ‘Donate for Desh’ crowdfunding campaign, highlighted its significance as the party’s inaugural appeal for public donations. He underscored the importance of diversifying funding sources, citing Mahatma Gandhi’s approach of seeking public contributions during the freedom struggle.

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      In this scenario, BJP and OpIndia acted promptly, securing the domain rights and connecting them to their respective donation pages before Congress could do so. This strategic move demonstrates the importance of digital assets in contemporary political campaigns.

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