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The ‘Monuments: Beyond the Star’ series reveals BTS’s journey.

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BTS, the global sensation, gifts ARMY an exclusive peek into their incredible journey with ‘Monuments: Beyond The Star’ docuseries. Premiering on Disney+ on December 20, this emotional eight-part series delves into the evolution of the septet into “21st-century pop icons.”

The main trailer captures BTS’s growth from early training days to recent triumphs, revealing their challenges and determination. Despite setbacks, it showcases their elation during award ceremonies and monumental performances, emphasizing their resilience.

Curated by Hybe, their record label, the series goes beyond the glitz, offering an unfiltered portrayal of daily lives and inner thoughts. It addresses canceled concerts during the pandemic, depicting moments of uncertainty and stillness.

As BTS members embark on mandatory military service, starting December 11 or 12, the docuseries release aligns with this significant phase. The trailer acts as a poignant prelude, offering a glimpse of the emotional journey ahead.

During the hiatus until 2025, individual projects from Jimin, Jungkook, V, and RM have kept ARMY engaged. ‘Monuments’ is not just a documentary; it’s a love letter to fans, assuring them that the bond between BTS and ARMY remains unbreakable.

This nostalgic journey promises untold stories, struggles, and triumphs, unveiling the legacy of seven individuals who became global icons. Save the date for December 20 and relive the magic with BTS!

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