Copyright Policy

It is TEQT INDIA that is known to have the copyright on this specific website. Contents of its vendors, as well as that of the third parties involved, are used by TEQT INDIA, including those who are not original copyright owners. Users are to understand that the standard copyright protection does apply to all contents and materials that are displayed clearly on the site.

Any type of reproduction, modification or redistribution of all or any part of the content which is featured on the site in any form has been prohibited. You can print, download or display the contents to any local hard disk for non-commercial or personal usage, but only if the website is acknowledged by you as the material source. Also, you are not allowed, except with TEQT INDIA’s express written content, to commercially exploit or to distribute the contents, which are present on the site. Trying to transmit contents or even storing it on any other site or any electronic retrieval system form is prohibited.

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark “TEQT INDIA” is present within (“TEQT INDIA” or website”), creations with trademark “TEQT INDIA”, trade name, logos, other trademarks, service marks, including other marks (called collectively “Marks”) that are TEQT INDIA’s intellectual property, or of their respective third parties or vendors. You agree that TEQT INDIA makes use vendor as well as respective third parties’ Marks that are procured from distribution channel and/or owner for the purpose of promotional activities only. By doing this, there is no intention on the part of TEQT INDIA, whatsoever, to get hold of the rights to license or use these Marks.

You cannot make use of the Marks without getting TEQT INDIA’s prior consent, its third party or vendor, which is the owner of the Marks. By doing so, TEQT INDIA might have Your Account terminated, at its sole discretion.

You acknowledge of not challenging the registration, usage or application for registering the Marks, at any place of the world. Also, you agree not to misuse, harm or to bring disrepute to any Marks, in any manner or condition. The goodwill which is derived by using the Marks in full or any part will be benefitted by TEQT INDIA or its third party or vendors, owning the Marks.

The trade dress, domain name and all Marks, which includes the website’s ‘feel and look’, its graphics, text, interfaces, button icons, etc., as well as the arrangements, is regarded to be TEQT INDIA, or its third party or vendors’ property, as the case could be, unless it is specified very clearly. The trademark, copyright, including other intellectual property laws applicable safeguards the contents and hence, you cannot use it, unless TEQT INDIA, its third parties, and vendors permit you to do so.

In case, you come across anything on the site that you find it to be violating any person’s intellectual property rights, then you can immediately notify TEQT INDIA. This can be done by sending an infringement notice at

Copyright Infringement Notification

  • If you claim to the copyright owner of any content present on (“TEQT INDIA” or ‘website) uploaded, without your approval or you understand that your content is copied in a manner which constitutes infringement, then the following information is to be forwarded to the Manager Legal/Company Secretary of TEQT INDIA”
    • Logos (Media & Client) using as we are providing services or mutual understanding if have any query can send email within 5 working days we will remove from our domain.
    • Content description and title, as displayed on site, the web page’s full URL, where content is present;
    • Statement stating clearly of specific content present on the site, for instance, audio/video/graphic or text content that you believe to infringe your copyright;
    • Country, where the copyright applies;
    • Work/content description, copyright that is owned by you, is believed to be infringed. You can send a link to TEQT INDIA if this information is present on the web;
    • Providing TEQT INDIA with contact information for getting in touch (preferred is email address);
    • Explanation on how available content on site infringes your copyright, for instance, if it is an audio content, sound recordings or musical works are copy of the original works, etc.);
    • Your statement, made under perjury penalty that above-given information, according to your is precise, with you being authorized for acting on behalf of the copyright owner or is the copyright owner;
    • Your evaluation of your having good faith that disputed copyright work usage has not been permitted by the copyright owner (a third party entitled legally to act on copyright owner’s behalf, like his agent), not allowed by law.
  • Physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or authorized person to be affixed. If notice is being provided through email, then valid electronic or scanned physical signature would be accepted.
  • You are to send the copyright infringement notification to the following address, bringing it to the notice of the Manager – Legal or Company Secretary of TEQT INDIA at:

By mail:

Manager – Legal / Company Secretary

Third EyeQ Technologies Pvt Ltd

CII-118, New Ashok Nagar

Delhi – 110096

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