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Elvish Yadav Responds to Maneka Gandhi’s Allegations: “Prepare an Apology

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Elvish Yadav is making headlines once again following accusations of involvement in snake venom poisoning at a rave party in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. A case has been registered against six individuals, including the social media sensation and Bigg Boss reality show winner, Elvish, at the Sector 49 police station in Noida. BJP MP Maneka Gandhi has accused Elvish Yadav and called for his immediate arrest. In response, Elvish Yadav has retaliated against Maneka Gandhi’s claims.

Taking to social media, Elvish Yadav shared a video of Maneka Gandhi’s allegations and tweeted, “I am surprised that individuals in such responsible positions are making baseless accusations. Please have an apology ready for the allegations made by Madam.” Maneka Gandhi, the founder of People for Animals (PFA), insisted that Elvish Yadav should be promptly arrested, as she considered this a Grade 1 offense, carrying a potential seven-year jail term. PFA had set a trap to apprehend these individuals.

Furthermore, in another tweet, Elvish sarcastically stated, “Blame ISKCON for it, and you get a Lok Sabha ticket? Alongside this, the hashtag #shameonmanekagandhi was used. Maneka Gandhi alleged that they used endangered species of snakes in their videos, and it was later revealed that Elvish Yadav was involved in selling snake venom in Noida and Gurugram.

Elvish Yadav has been accused of supplying snake venom for intoxication at rave parties, and an FIR has been registered against him. Snake venom from nine different species of snakes was recovered from Elvish’s associates. It is alleged that Elvish Yadav used to organize rave parties in which he used snake bites from various snakes, including cobras, pythons, and rat snakes, for intoxication.

In response to these allegations, Elvish has declared his innocence in a video and appealed to the UP Police, the administration, and Chief Minister Yogi, expressing his willingness to take responsibility if even a 1% mistake is found. The report against Elvish has been filed under Section 120B of the IPC, along with Sections 9, 39, 48A, 49, 50, and 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act. Several gang members, including Rahul, Titunath, Jayakaran, Narayan, and Ravinath, have been arrested in connection with this case.

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