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Google Slides Unleashes Dynamic Presentations with New Recording Feature

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In a groundbreaking move, Google is revolutionizing the way presentations are made and shared with its latest feature for Google Slides users on Chrome. The company announced on November 28 that users can now record themselves while presenting a slide, providing an innovative way to share dynamic presentations.

The rollout of this feature commenced on November 28, with availability expanding to all Google Workspace Business, Enterprise, and Education customers in the coming weeks. The recording feature eliminates the need for third-party video recording tools, making it a seamless addition for users.

How to Record a Slideshow

    • Open the desired presentation.

    • Click the ‘Rec’ button and choose ‘Record new video.’

    • Initiate recording by clicking the red record button.

    • Pause and click ‘Re-record’ to start over.

    • Save recordings to Google Drive by clicking ‘Save to Drive’ – stored in “My Drive” under “Slides Recordings.”

    • Each session has a 30-minute limit, with the recording size counting towards Google Drive storage.

    Recordings are exclusively accessible via Google Chrome on desktop, with no capability for creation on mobile devices or access through the Slides mobile app. However, users can conveniently find and view recordings using the Drive mobile app.

    How it Benefits Users

    The slides recording feature enables users to share presentations at their convenience, from webinars to employee training sessions and classroom lessons. Users can seamlessly integrate their computer’s camera and microphone to add voice and webcam feed, enhancing the overall presentation experience.

    This feature unlocks the ability to share engaging video content within or outside the company, eliminating the need for separate video recording tools. It’s important to note that this feature is exclusively accessible through the desktop version of Google Chrome.

    In a blog post, Google emphasizes that while recordings cannot be created on mobile devices or accessed via the Slides mobile app, users can effortlessly find and view their recordings using the Drive mobile app.

    Stay tuned as Google continues to transform collaboration and presentation experiences with its innovative tools and features.

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