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AI PCs of the Future: Intel Announces Game-Changing Core Ultra Processors!

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Intel has unleashed its revolutionary Intel Core Ultra mobile processors at the “AI Everywhere” event. These processors redefine power efficiency, graphics, and AI experiences for mobile platforms globally, available in stores and online today.

Why It Matters:

Discover the future of personal computing with over 230 AI PCs from top partners like Acer, ASUS, Dell, and more. The Intel Core Ultra processors deliver unmatched performance and battery life, catering to diverse needs, from work and learning to gaming and streaming on-the-go.

AI PC Acceleration:

Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program optimizes over 300 AI-accelerated features from 100+ software vendors for Intel Core Ultra processors, making it the most AI-capable and power-efficient client processor in Intel’s history.

Beyond PCs:

The Intel Core Ultra extends its power-efficient AI acceleration to the edge, supporting visual workloads in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

What It Does:

Intel Core Ultra, the first processor on Intel 4 process technology, introduces Foveros 3D packaging, offering advanced performance and capability optimization. The processor features Performance-core (P-core) architecture for improved instructions per cycle (IPC), providing up to 11% more multi-threaded performance.

Graphics Powerhouse:

With an integrated Intel Arc GPU, featuring up to eight Xe-cores and AI-based Xe Super Sampling, Intel Core Ultra delivers double the graphics performance of the previous generation.

NPU Innovation:

The Intel AI Boost NPU is purpose-built for longer-running AI workloads, achieving 2.5x better power efficiency than its predecessor.

Additional Features:

Up to 16 cores, 5.1 GHz max turbo frequency, and up to 96 GB DDR5 maximum memory capacity.
Leading wireless features, including Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth LE Audio.
Thunderbolt 4 for blazing connection speeds of 40 Gbps.

Intel Evo Edition:

Intel Evo edition laptops powered by Intel Core Ultra ensure a superior laptop experience with enhanced performance, 10+ hours of battery life, instant wake, and Intel Unison features for seamless multidevice experiences.

What’s Next:

Consumer devices with Intel Core Ultra processors are available now, while commercial devices on the Intel vPro platform are coming soon. Explore the future of computing with Intel’s Core Ultra processors—a game-changer in AI-powered PCs!

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