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Jio introduces a fresh pre-paid plan offering 2GB/day, inclusive of a Swiggy One Lite subscription

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In today’s era, most smartphones come equipped with dual SIM card slots, some even featuring eSIM support alongside physical slots. Possessing multiple SIM cards has become a customary practice for users, primarily driven by convenience and flexibility.

Typically, individuals allocate their primary SIM for personal contacts, reserving the secondary one for business purposes. For those who rely on two SIM cards with minimal use for the secondary card, there are cost-effective plans available to maintain the SIM’s active status.

Irrespective of the user’s needs, if they intend to retain their secondary SIM cards from major operators like Airtel, Jio, Vi, or BSNL, below is a compiled list of some of the most economical plans:

Operator | Price | Validity (in days) | Data (per year) | Calling

Airtel | Rs 1,799 | 365 | 24 GB | Unlimited
BSNL | Rs 1,251 | 365 | 9 GB | Unlimited
Jio | Rs 1,559 | 336 | 24 GB | Unlimited
Vi | Rs 1,799 | 365 | 24 GB | Unlimited

Airtel’s Budget-friendly Annual Plan

Airtel’s Rs 1,799 recharge plan offers prepaid users extensive benefits, including a year of validity, unlimited calling, 3,600 SMS, and 24 GB of 4G data. Priced just under Rs 150 per month, Airtel also provides additional perks such as access to Wynk music and free hello tunes.

BSNL’s Pocket-friendly Annual Plan

State-owned BSNL offers the most cost-effective annual recharge plan at Rs 1,251, providing 365 days of validity with 0.75 GB of data per month. This plan caters specifically to users seeking to maintain their phone number’s activity while spending the least amount.

Jio’s Value-packed Annual Plan

Jio’s Rs 1,559 recharge plan offers 336 days of validity, 24 GB of data, unlimited voice calls, and 3,600 SMS. Users utilizing 5G services will gain access to unlimited data without any caps, along with complimentary access to JioTV, JioCinema, and JioCloud.

Vi’s Affordable Annual Plan

Vi’s budget-friendly annual recharge plan, priced at Rs 1,799, extends 365 days of validity with benefits akin to Airtel, offering free unlimited calling, 24 GB of 4G data, and 3,600 SMS. Users can also access Vi movies and TV content for free.

A report by CLSA revealed that India had over 140 million dual SIM users as of 2022. The report further indicated that the escalation in tariffs might lead to a gradual decline in the number of dual SIM card users.

Regardless of the aforementioned scenarios, individuals maintain a secondary SIM for various reasons, ranging from improved network connectivity, cost-effective and faster internet connections, to the customization of contact lists. Some individuals retain SIM cards to bypass the hassle of registering on multiple apps and services.

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