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Paradise Lost: Bahamas Cruise Makes Unexpected Detour to New England, Canada

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Passengers on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship traded in tropical cocktails for maple syrup as their sun-soaked Bahamas vacation took a sharp turn north. Unseasonably severe weather forced the ship to abandon its Caribbean itinerary and head for ports in New England and Canada instead.

The cruise line cited “rapidly worsening weather” in the Atlantic that would have made the Bahamas route unsafe. The last-minute switch left some passengers disappointed, but the cruise line offered the option of canceling for future credit or embracing the unexpected Canadian adventure.

While the news may have been met with groans, the new itinerary promises breathtaking coastal landscapes, charming harbor towns, and possibly even a chance to witness the Northern Lights. However, it’s unlikely to fully replace the pristine beaches and turquoise waters of the Bahamas that many booked their trip for.

This unusual diversion highlights the inherent risks of cruises, where itineraries can be subject to change due to weather, technical issues, or even pandemics. While safety always comes first, the experience nonetheless serves as a reminder that sometimes, even the best-laid vacation plans can get swept away by the ocean’s unpredictable currents.

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