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Peyton Manning’s Terminator Impression: Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Impressed?

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Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but he’s not exactly known for his acting skills. However, he recently decided to give his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on his show, the ManningCast.

Manning’s impression was… well, it was certainly something. He tried his best to do Schwarzenegger’s iconic Austrian accent and over-the-top delivery, but the results were mixed. Some viewers found it amusing, while others thought it was cringe-worthy.

So, what did Schwarzenegger himself think of Manning’s impression? He took it in good stride, but he didn’t seem to be particularly impressed. In a recent interview, he said that Manning’s impression was “interesting” and that he “tried his best.”

But Schwarzenegger also said that Manning is “a great quarterback, but not a great actor.”

So, there you have it. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is not exactly blown away by Peyton Manning’s Terminator impression. But at least he appreciated the effort.

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be on the ManningCast again?

Despite not being impressed by Manning’s impression, Schwarzenegger has already appeared on the ManningCast once. And he has said that he would be willing to do it again.

So, it’s possible that we will see Schwarzenegger on the ManningCast again in the future. But maybe next time, Manning should try a different impression.

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