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Ujjain’s Mohan Yadav Appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

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In a surprising move, Ujjain-Dakshin MLA Dr. Mohan Yadav has been chosen as the 19th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced his appointment on December 11th, following a meeting of the party’s legislature.

Yadav, a three-term MLA and former higher education minister, is a member of the Other Backward Class (OBC) community. His appointment is seen as a strategic move by the BJP to consolidate its support among OBC voters, who form a significant portion of the state’s population.

Yadav’s government will also have two deputy chief ministers: Malhargarh MLA Jagdish Devda, a Dalit, and Rewa MLA Rajendra Shukla, a Brahmin. This selection aims to represent the state’s diverse population and address concerns of various communities.

Mohan Yadav is expected to be sworn in soon, replacing the long-serving Shivraj Singh Chouhan who held the position for most of the past 20 years. The BJP’s decision to choose a new leader signals its commitment to change and its desire to address the aspirations of the people of Madhya Pradesh.

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