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Williamson expresses assurance that New Zealand can once again shatter India’s World Cup aspirations.

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Approaching the highly anticipated World Cup semi-final clash against India, New Zealand adopts a mindset of optimism and determination, as expressed by captain Kane Williamson. Despite encountering setbacks, including a series of defeats against Rohit Sharma’s side and grappling with injuries, the Black Caps secured their spot in the semi-final through a late surge.

Williamson, who overcame knee surgery and a fractured finger during the World Cup, acknowledges the impending challenge against the formidable hosts, who maintained an unbeaten record in the group stage. Speaking to reporters, he underscores the team’s awareness of the upcoming tough test and emphasizes the significance of the final stage where everything resets, focusing on the day at hand.

Reflecting on their journey, Williamson highlights the team’s consistent performance throughout the tournament, acknowledging both narrow losses and pivotal victories that have positioned them for this crucial juncture. The captain expresses excitement for the imminent challenge, embodying the team’s collective spirit.

Recalling their triumph over India in the 2019 semi-finals, Williamson remains unfazed by the underdog status attributed to his side. Despite India’s exceptional form and recognition as one of the best teams, he asserts that in cricket, especially during finals, outcomes are unpredictable, and the Black Caps have the potential to shine on their best day.

The absence of Williamson during their campaign saw top-order batsman Rachin Ravindra stepping up admirably, accumulating 565 runs. Williamson commends not just the quantity but the quality of Ravindra’s contributions, emphasizing how they have been instrumental in advancing the team’s objectives. The skipper expresses confidence in witnessing more remarkable performances from the young talent in the future.

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