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Notepad on Windows 11 Gets a Makeover After 40 Years: What’s Changing?

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After four decades, Windows 11’s Notepad is getting a significant update. Microsoft surprised users with a character count feature in the latest preview build. Learn more about this overdue change.

If you’re a Notepad enthusiast, you’re in for a treat! Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 preview build brings a game-changing feature to Notepad after 40 years of simplicity. Now, users can see the character count, addressing a long-standing limitation.

You can access the new preview builds through the Windows 11 Insider Program. Despite Notepad’s basic reputation, Microsoft is working to enhance its functionality. Previously, users often opted for alternatives like Notepad++ due to its limited features.

Why is Character Count in Notepad a Big Deal?

While adding a character count might seem like a small feat, for long-time Notepad users, it’s a cause for celebration. Microsoft’s overdue inclusion of this basic feature is a welcome improvement. In a world where users have shifted to feature-rich note-taking apps, this update aims to make Notepad more user-friendly.

In the grand scheme, a character count shouldn’t be groundbreaking. However, Microsoft’s decision to finally address this after constant user requests is a noteworthy step. Notepad loyalists can appreciate this effort to modernize a tool that has stayed bare-bones for years.

However, some users might find it amusing that a word count toggle is still missing. Regardless, let’s celebrate this step forward and acknowledge the Windows engineering team’s hard work. @JenMSFT on Twitter expressed the excitement, recognizing the effort behind the scenes.

As Microsoft continues to enhance Windows, updates like these might make Notepad a more appealing choice. Share your thoughts—does the recent makeover make you consider switching back to Notepad full time? Join the conversation in the comments.

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